Hardcore Gay Hookups
Hardcore Gay Hookups

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Hot Gay Sex Story with UPS Delivery Man - The Big Load

The UPS man was a dream come true for a couple of reasons. Let me just say when I first moved out here it was pretty lonely. I finally scrounged up enough change to get a second house down on the island. Yea, it's a pretty nice change of scenery from the city all the time. Especially after breaking up with my lover of 10 years.It makes me appreciate the city even more. Everytime I get back I'm like wow! But living here on Montauk has its perks. For me major perk is the UPS man Malik. He's a tall hunk of beefy black brawn . He's total muscle and my hardcore hookup with him is a great reason to love the Hamptons.

When I first got the place, I proceeded by decorating it . Most of the things I ordered online and that's how I met Malik. I ordered some window treatments. He rung the bell. I answered the door and there he stood. At least 6'7" and a look a like for Kobe Bryant. In fact, he was a basketball player in high school and college and even had a couple years playing in Italy. He delivered my new window treatments and asked if he could use the bathroom. Of course I said yes and he followed me to the bathroom. "Here you go" I said.

He whipped his cock out before I could close the door and was I amazed. It looked like 8 inches soft . My eyes were like wow! He had a little smile on his face as I admired his huge cock. I left him in the bathroom and tried to look like everything was ok. He did his business and left the bathroom and making sure to adjust his crotch in front of me.

I couldn't help but say "You need alot of adjustment there big boy"

He laughed and grabbed his cock some more walking towards me.

"Yea I'm packing a nice one and nice place you have here" he said.

He stood right in front of me and looked me in the eye. "You like what you see , want to suck it" he said.

I got on my knees before you could say jack. I loved his feeling his soft cock in my mouth as it got harder and harder I was feeling so fulfilled as I sucked his massive cock. And massive it became. It was thick as beer bottle . I tried to deepthroat it several times but all I did was gag. I think he loved me gagging on it because everytime I did precum oozed from his cock.

I got in sync with his massive cock till it got harder and harder. I squeezed his balls and then I heard a moan. His rock hard cock let go of all the cum inside and it squirted down my throat. I could feel each shot of cum against the back of my throat as he ejaculated. When I swallowed ,I realized it was a massive load of cum.

Since that day, Malik has been coming over whenever I'm in Montauk which has become more and more often.

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